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Taboo art, 24 Hour news, dinosaurs, and dreams… First off, a timely announcement for Taboo fans and art collectors: I received an email this week from the cover artist of TABOO 6, Cruz Montoya (then signing as Cru Zen), who writes: “I am selling a few paintings. One happens to be the painting titled “DEPRIVATION”. [...]

OK, just a little more on 24-Hour Comics and the extreme variations — prompted by emails from some readers: According to this official-sounding source, the rules are as follows: “As originator of the challenge, Scott McCloud has established rules for a comic to qualify: It must be begun and completed within 24 consecutive hours. Only [...]

An afternoon update on the Brattleboro Museum 24-Hour Challenge: I’ve queried Scott McCloud and About Comics 24 HOUR COMICS anthology publisher Nat Gertler, and it’s still a bit up in the air: Nat wrote: “The record for the most participants is held by Austin Books in Austin, TX. They counted 70 participants this year, although [...]

OK, here’s the scoop: From Noon to Noon, Saturday August 27 to Sunday August 28, the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center in downtown Brattleboro, Vermont hosted the 24-Hour Comics Challenge. By my current count, 49 adventurous individuals actively participated; all completed comics (though not all needed the full 24 hours, or made it to the [...]

The Brattleboro Museum’s 24-Hour Comic creation marathon was amazing. The Museum opened all their galleries to the participants — there were tables and seating in every available space — and with the great weather that lasted through Sunday morning (when the rains came), many also worked outside. When I arrived at 11:30 Saturday to open [...]

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