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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! In the grand and glorious tradition of Famous Monsters of Filmland in its heyday, I ask you on this exquisite October 31st, 2006 – What Is It? (Thanks to super Paleomaster Michael Ryan and the amazing Peter Von Sholly,it’s a glimpse of a Halloween goodie from our collective past– 1963, to be exact! [...]

Hmmm, now what’s this up to? Wild winds blowing the blog askew? Time will tell… it’s winter at last in VT, with the first scant snow spicing the air ever so slightly last Tuesday, the first sleet (not sticking to the ground, but bouncing audibly off the windows) hitting very early AM on Saturday. Today, [...]

Ah, shit, blogging post/publish problems again this AM. More later –

The Big News, Part Two (and Misc. Monday Musings) Marge and I have been packing all weekend. Yep, that’s how far along we are in this moving process. I rented a storage facility Friday AM close to our planned new home, and we’ve both been working diligently at the tasks at hand — from bank [...]

The Big News Details to follow — Marge and I are indeed moving from our beloved Marlboro, VT home to a Vermont village much further north. We are doing so primarily due to work issues, and to minimize the distances we drive regularly for our respective jobs. But this is also a momentous life change, [...]