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Tuesday This’n’That Hey, Eddie Campbell has a new blog! Thanks to Bob Heer for steering me to it. ______________ I’ve received a couple more unsigned emails from an old Kubert School classmate, whom we’ve (yep, I’ve consulted with a couple of my old cronies) narrowed down to one of two likely classmates of yore. I [...]

Having One’s Head Up One’s – I reckon I’m just too distracted with the house & moving chores to keep my own head straight. Ah, leave it to Bob Heer (thanks, Bob!) to remind me of the particulars of my own career: “Actually, there’s still the stories you wrote in ANNUAL #4, which could be [...]

Mon-Daze The move, the house, the house, the bank, the realtor — the process! Process uber alle, and no time to do much of anything else here today. One item of note:My final contribution to the Saga of the Swamp Thing series is now out in graphic novel format as DC approaches the end of [...]

Meanwhile, In Mark Martin Land – Though I have been incredibly busy of late (see today’s catch-up post, directly below), I have still found the time to try to save my friend Mike Dobbs’s life, only to stupidly decapitate him somehow. I’m still not sure how this happened; maybe I’ll find out eventually. I’m told [...]

Ah, Snow on the Ground at Last… It’s true, it snowed here Sunday night — a light, crisp snow — and there’s some of it still on the ground, but only here in the higher elevations. Anyhoot, sorry I’ve been away so long. It’s been a hectic week since my last post, hence the very [...]