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HAPPY NEW YEAR, one and all! Just an early AM post, before the day’s labors continue (I’ve already prepped a room for painting; this is break-time), to wish you all the sweetest kiss-off of 2006 possible, and most fantastic opener to 2007 imaginable.Of course, it will suck for some of you — but I don’t [...]

In our new home, at last… As of this morning, Marge and I are in our new home. Still much, much to do, so I’ll sign off after saying (a) awoke after a remarkable dream this morning, omen of a great creative phase ahead, I believe; (b) our kitties Tuco and Lizzie have settled into [...]

The Movers Cometh.. … tomorrow. We’ve been moving two carloads per car per day all week, including Christmas — it’s the heavy week, and I mean heavy. Weight-wise. But the new house is feeling like home already, despite this twixt-homes limbo we’re inhabiting today. So, last post from Marlboro, ever. We’re packing up the computers [...]

More CCS Memories – [That's Cat (aka Cayetano Garza), Gabby (aka Ignatz-Award-winner 'Ken Dahl') -- both making divine music -- alongside moi and Alexis and Kristen Frederick-Frost, doing sketches and signing books, at the CCS auction two Saturdays ago. Photo by Robyn Chapman] More on the CCS auction — a post and photos by the [...]

Tuco Loves Everyone! Meow! In the past few weeks, our cat Tuco has proven to be the most social cat Marge and I have ever known. He’s always greeting everyone in the coming and going of the move prep, and he whole-heartedly approved of the prospective new buyers/owners of our Marlboro home (by falling asleep [...]

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