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Ketchup on That Celluloid – Much to say, too little time! * Children of Men: In short, brilliant direction and dead-on character focus transforms this contemporary revamp of what was once fodder for ’70s off-mainstream (MGM’s barely-released Z.P.G.) and TV movies into a vivid, deeply felt dystopian gem. Clive Owen delivers a perfectly realized performance [...]

Gonzales’s Labyrinth Huh, so those expecting full-blown fantasy were disappointed by Pan’s Labyrinth (see comments on the blog, previous days) because it’s about the horrors of war? Reckon I should have posted my comments last week. I’ll get to it, but in the meantime, needless to say, I’m perversely bemused by the echoes of Goya [...]

Another Sunday Morning… … and another quartet of CCS students and their abundant weirdness & wonders:(Part the Second of a Series) BEWARE! That which looks like it must be touched, but should never ever be touched, unless you want your finger (nay, your entire arm! Your shoulder! Your head!) to sink deeper than expected into [...]

Weekend Retreat: Meet the CCSers! (First in a Series) First off, last night’s opening of the Fine Toon Vt Cartoonists exhibition at the Helen Day Art Gallery in Stowe, VT was a real treat (see yesterday’s post for links, info). It’s definitely the most expansive and comprehensive collection of Green Mountain cartoonists to date, and [...]

Time Didn’t Permit… …me to post again yesterday. However, that’s for the best, as I kept Mark so preoccupied, meaning he had less time to obsess over whatever bile Bill O’Reilly (the Morton Downey Jr. of the 21st Century!) is spilling these days. What a putz (Bill, not Mark). Yesterday turned out to be a [...]