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See, Your Tuesday Is Already Better Than You Know… Hallelujah! We’ve averted another potential catastrophe! James Cameron unveiled the coffins, and the world did not end. I need say no more. Some of you frequenting this blog may recall I didn’t have much use for Neil LaBute‘s atrocious remake of The Wicker Man, and despite [...]

Oh, Christ! Hang on to your crosses, producer James Cameron and director Simcha Jacobovici are about to rock the Christian boat, big time. Cameron is holding a New York press conference today, at which he will reveal three coffins, supposedly those of Jesus of Nazareth, his mother Mary, and none other than Mary Magdalene.This is [...]

Sunday Moaning I’m feeling under the weather completely today. My online session this AM to post early crashed, but I managed to rescue much of my original attempt to post — here ’tis, then back to moaning and feeling miserable for this lad. My first real cold of the season — I’m going to let [...]

Inkslingers, Assemble! Compliments of curator Idoline Duke of the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, VT comes this tasty portrait from this past Wednesday’s VT cartoonists gatherum in Burlington. From left to right, back row: Jeff Danziger, James Kochalka, and yours truly; front row: Harry Bliss, Ed Koren, James Sturm. A fine time was had [...]

A Peek at the New Digs I‘m usually up by 5:30 AM — but I was so fried from this week, and from the fourth drive up to and back from Burlington in a week, that I conked until almost 10:30 AM this morn. We drove home last night in falling and blowing snow the [...]