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Head Cheese Check Your Skull at the Door… “Do you know what lurks in the deep recesses of the human mind?” Lance Weiler does! Hey, I’m on tour! Well, my voice is — along comic images created by my son and I, too. My work is now 21st Century media, despite my initial reluctance to [...]

Farewell, Rob Walton – Rob just hit the road; I’ve got a lot of legwork to do on catch-up here, but it was a great three+ days and the Center for Cartoon Studies interaction was vital and worthwhile (by all reports). So, score! Safe drive home, Rob. I’ll be posting pix here once the students [...]

Little Gray Dot – – that’s what Mark Martin keeps posting to note the utter insignificance of the various scandals and outrages manifesting around this clusterfuck Presidency. He’s right. More Americans know and care about (with collective necrophile obsessiveness) the ongoing Anna Nichol Smith clusterfuck than know, care about or even recognize the name “Alberto [...]

I’m Taking the Fifth, Too I was going to post, but fuck it – I’m going to take the Fifth, too. I’m going to torture with impunity and incarcerate any kangaroo-skinner I damn well please without charges for five years or more if I want to. I’m gonna insist anyone in my camp can lie [...]

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Monday Musings Hey, who’s that curly-topped moron? No, the one on the left! This photo arrived from my old Mirage Studios amigo Ryan Brown this past week, and I thought some of you might get a kick out of it. I’m the bozo on the left, scouring the bins for weird collectibles; that’s toy and [...]