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Pouring Monday To most folks, a rainy Monday is the suck — to me, it’s the music! This means I’ll see David Gabriel today — he just called, and is on his way up later this AM. Thus, construction will continue on the basement shelving I so desperately need. Marge finished her unpacking and ‘nesting’ [...]

Rainbows & Split Beavers Driving home from White River Junction at twilight, I see the dim, fading remnants of a rainbow over the southern edge of the village. As I continue south on I-91, it brightens and seems to move with me, until the rain begins to fall in earnest and the last of the [...]

Sunday Morning Review of Books… …and comics. Well, at least an overview of some recent and upcoming publications that may be of interest to some of you. An opening morning thought (compliments of HomeyM, thanks, Homey!): “The creative process is a process of waiting, trusting, acting, it has a deep wisdom, if we will surrender [...]

Back From the Grave… You can’t keep a Blog Zombie down! Well, not for long. Yep, thanks to the collaborative exchange of info/media/scans between my respective computer gurus Jane Wilde (of Absolute Computing Solutions in Marlboro, VT) and web cartoonist extraordinaire and early founding member of the extended & growing White River Junction/Center for Cartoon [...]

And the Beating Goes On… Alas, Tuesday AM, and this bandwidth issue is still unresolved. If I knew WHAT to do, with WHOM, it would have been resolved by now! I trust my computer gurus to sort this out, knowing I’m losing many of you who habitually visited this blog daily… sigh. Soon, I hope…