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Gabbing with Gabby: The Gabby Schulz aka Ken Dahl Interview, Part Four Here Be Monsters! Gabby, finger & fellow CCSer Jaci June; February 2007 (photo by Jeremiah Piersol, compliments of Emily Wieja) More people see movies than read mini-comics, so bear with me a moment as I offer a cinematic context for the following interview. [...]

[Sorry this didn't go up yesterday; computer probs determined otherwise. But those are now addressed, so, without further ado --] The Gabster Gabs! Interview with Gabby Schulz aka Ken Dahl, Part Three! Though autobiographical and semi-autobiographical comics indeed predated the launchpad commonly attributed to the underground comix era (e.g., Sheldon Mayer’s Golden Age Scribbly; Sam [...]

Gabby Interview Part 3 Coming Later Today… For some reason, the computer is dragging ass this AM, and I’ve got a breakfast meeting, so I’ll be posting the promised Part 3 of the Interview with Gabby Schulz later today. In the meantime, though, snack on this sobering scientific bon mot, and know that it really [...]

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Moore/Bissette/Totleben Swamp Thing on Jeopardy!? Just got a call from CCSers Chris Warren and Morgan Pielli – apparently, the “DC Comics” category of round one (before the 7:15 mark, when Marge and I tuned in after Chris called — at which point “DC Comics” meant political comedians) concluded with a question about our run on [...]

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Monday Memorial Day Honkers, Hogzillas, Links & Ketchup (Photo copyright, posted to promote their site! See links, below.)Odds and Ends from Hither & Yon, Thither & Yawn I was hoping to post Part 2 of my “War That I Never Forgot!” post today, on Memorial Day, commemorating all soldiers who fought dinosaurs in comic [...]