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Flibadegibbet! Missed posting yesterday, amid a very busy day — apologies. Amigo Joe Citro is visiting, and I completed and turned in two drafts of an introduction for Marvel editor Cory Sedlmeier, which consumed all my daily writing time — no apologies there! Judging from this week’s emails, a lot of Myrant readers felt pretty [...]

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Brave New Worlds: CCS News, MoCCA Followup/Conclusions, Mobile Phone Comics & More! A few things to cover this AM; hope you enjoy the return to potpourri format. ______________________ I‘ve known about this for some time, but now it’s public and it’s official: The Center for Cartoon Studies earned MFA degree granting status from the VT [...]

Monsters and More Post-MoCCA Mortem – MoCCA Post-Mortem continues at the most excellent blog of the most excellent Joe Lambert, and Joe has posted variations on the same at the Sundays Anthology blog/site and I Know Joe Kimpel – – and Bryan Stone posted very different pix on his blog, check ‘em out, too! Check [...]

Congrats, Lauren! CCS Grad Online Animation Now Editors Choice on Hey, dig it: CCS pioneer class graduate Lauren O’Connell (whose thesis project/comic Strays was a real gem and heartbreaker) completed the illustrations for a bit of animation for an amigo, animated by her friend for this site, which you can view by clicking on [...]

Have A Bloody Cup of Joe This Morn (and Other Monday Musings) And a beaut of a morning it is, too. Breakfast with my parents coming up before they depart; we’ve had a great weekend together, and Marge and I feel blessed, with both of ‘em in their 80s and still doing well. A real [...]