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Book Finds Found: Will Anderson‘s Regional Imprint So I’m in used bookstore heaven for a couple days, and among my finds was a brood of oversized illustrated books by Maine author Will Anderson, whose self-publishing family imprint Anderson & Sons’ Publishing Co. is based in Bath, Maine. One shop had a stack of Anderson‘s books, [...]

I Loved and Love Many of His Films (Though I Have Good Friends Who Didn’t, Don’t & Won’t Care) Posted from on the road, sad news for those of us who grew up with The Seventh Seal as a landmark; my personal faves, though, remain The Passion (of Anna), Hour of the Wolf and The [...]

Guess Who? King Klunk and Tex Avery Make Woody DVD Worthwhile! This past week’s Universal DVD release of The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection sports 75 cartoons from the Walter Lantz Productions archives. This is great news for Woody Woodpecker and Walter Lantz fans — of which I’m neither (though my son Dan [...]

Lift Off… The splintering of available computer time has begun — I’ll be here erratically at best until next weekend, so I’ll come up with a playtime recipe, then back to normal when I’ll return to daily posting and more ambitious rambles. _______________ Art: Sean Morgan and yours truly from “Area Stoned” in Sean‘s May [...]

Having breakfast with my son Dr. Cyc– uh, Dan this morning. After we scarf down optically-fried eggs and bacon, we’ll be sweet as can bee. I’ll be posting proper this afternoon. Have a great Friday morning… see you here later.