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Making Good in the Badlands (& Other Vistas) More CCS This & That for Friday AM… The Center for Cartoon Studies has some big doings coming up, primary among them Garry Trudeau visiting on Monday, Oct. 22nd — more on this public event next week, as I get final details.But let’s take a look at [...]

Sorry About Being Offline…. …but my CCS duties and prep for the coming weeks — along with ongoing work finishing up a short western comic story I’m writing and drawing for the SPX-debuting CCS student comic project Dead Man’s Hand — has cut my computer time to a minimum this week. I’ll do better next! [...]

A Look at the Bava Book: Tim & Donna Lucas Make Dreams Come True! Holding to a dream for decades is something many of us do, one way or another; realizing and sharing that dream is something richer, rarer and more rewarding than anything most of us touch in our lifetimes. Kudos, then, to Tim [...]

Last Weekend… This Weekend: Captain Beefheart Trivia… Mark Martin made my day by calling me with this bit of Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) trivia — the source of the name! — and sent along the source link for the info, sure to be of interest to some of you, at least. Enjoy. It’s sunny [...]

Dan, Dan, Popeless Condi and D-Wars D-light: The Friday Revue Keep this PreCode horror comic cover in mind – Tales of Horror #8, Toby/Minoan, 1953 Dan the Man, My Son! Sam Gas Can (CCS alumni and beloved Pizza Wizard creator Sam Gaskin — hey, Sam!) posted this comment yesterday: “Steve! Your son, Danny, had some [...]