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Happy Halloween — A Horror Comics Grabbag! Since I’ve blathered on about horror movies all this month, seems appropo to see through main day with a smattering of horror comics — best of all, Pre-Code horror comics! Definition of terms for the uninitiated: Pre-Code horror comics are those titles published before October 1954, when the [...]

Halloween Horrors: A Feast of Faves from Franju, Bava, Roeg, Marins and More! John Totleben, XQB, my ertswhile Swamp Thing compatriot and longtime friend, circa 1978 Flashback time! I‘ve been enjoying flashbacks to my own comics college years via the photos old Kubert School classmates like Tom Foxmarnick have been sending in response to my [...]

Saving Face Ah, Monday of Halloween week, the Red Sox won the World Series, and I’ve not had time to write up one of my favorite horror films of all time, Georges Franju‘s Les Yeux Sans Visage/Eyes Without a Face (1959), so here’s a little Monday morning image from the film to sweeten your week’s [...]

Sundays — Updates, Links, Pix and Pox I‘ve been holding off announcing this for some time (in part due to Marvel‘s inexcusable late payment to yours truly), but it’s Halloween week — and I can’t hold off any longer. If you can afford it, pick up a copy of the new Marvel Omnibus: Amazing Fantasy [...]

30 Days of Night Scores, XQBs Unite (and Bring Your Pix)! I caught a matinee of 30 Days of Night yesterday, and wanted to note my unabashed enthusiasm for the film. It’s a terrific adaptation of Steve Niles and Brian Templesmith‘s IDW graphic novel — Steve‘s breakthrough work, after almost two decades of active work [...]