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YERGH — The Revenge of Dr. Wertham??? So, another bout with creeping crud in my eye yesterday morning… By 10:30 yesterday morning, out of nowhere, I couldn’t see out of my left eye. That weird, spongy film I’d had a bout with earlier this year erupted anew in what seemed minutes. I was on my [...]

Visiting Neil: An Epilogue, Of Sorts * An oversight in my previous post (see link, below): It was Special Collections librarian Meredith Gillies who led Neil Gaiman, Hank Wagner, Jack Zipes, Casey Hoekstra and I into the subterranean vaults of the University of Minnesota Children’s Literature Research Collection. As promised, upon my return home I [...]

Wafflin’ Wednesday Random sharing of online oddities for you this morning… I’m midweek in my CCS teaching schedule and in Neil Gaiman book land every other available minute, so I’m just not in a blogging frame of mind this AM. Still, here’s something or three to spark your day, if you’re so disposed. 21st Century [...]

Sunday Spinnings Yesterday morning I finished reading my friend Mike Dobb‘s new book Escape! How Animation Went Mainstream in the 1990s – this morning, I finished reading my friend Tim Lucas‘s truly massive, moving Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark. Today, I’ll be continuing work on a book project as a writer, The [...]

Visiting Neil, Part V Friends, Music, Buzzard, Bunnies & Alchemy A key aspect of the trip to Neil‘s I’ve only touched upon thus far is the amazing circle of Neil‘s friends, peers and associates Hank and I met a few of in our mere three days. Who knows who we might have spent time with, [...]