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…in my personal life, and a bit of my professional life. Just a big thank you all around to all my amigos and family; thanks for putting up with me!Thanks, too, for Myrant readers being out there. I’ve no idea how many of you there are (I’ve yet to figure out how to get a [...]

Another Reason I love Vermont: Vermont remains “the only state President Bush has neglected to visit during his seven years in office” (see article, below).I don’t think it’s ‘neglect,’ really. Here’s a recent article from the Brattleboro Reformer to ensure the record stands until the end of President Bush‘s term: Activists look for arrest of [...]

‘Tis the Season to Be Bloody… What a bountiful harvest of horrors we’ve had this season! Though I’ve had little time to write about ‘em, I must say I’ve enjoyed my time in the cinemas of late with the horror movies we’ve been blessed with. Sure, they’re all major studio productions and adaptations and/or sequels [...]

It’s Dorky Dunston Day! DorkydorkydorkydorkydorkydorkydorkydorkydorkydorkydunstondunstondunstondunstondunstondunstonBanned in some countries due to its sensational man/ape sex sequence (which was cut from all US prints, just after release), the 1996 classic Dunston Checks In remains a key simian cinema classic in Alabama, Utah and parts of Minnesota. dunstondunstondunstondunstondunstondunstondunstondunstondorkydorkydorkydorkydorkydorkydorkydorkydorky dunstondunstondunstondorkydorkydorkydunstondunstondunstondorkydorkydorkydunstondunstondunstondorkydorky Also censored from all US and UK prints of [...]

- Nick Lowe, sung by Elvis Costello First off, apologies to all on yesterday’s post. Posting excerpts from professional works in progress is always an ‘iffy’ proposition, and in a moment of exhaustion (after about three hours sleep) I decided, “Oh, what the hell,” and posted my own draft of a full chapter from the [...]

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