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Up early, unable to sleep for more than just a few hours with the eye treatment ongoing. Eight more days/nights to go… wish me luck. Read the comments on yesterday’s post for an alarming possible consequence, had this gone unchecked; good luck, Jon Ayre! I don’t think our both being in the AccentUK Zombies anthology [...]

Image at left: NOT my eye, but extreme blepharitis case. I’m nowhere near that bad. Well, again with the left eye, but it’s been different this time: no yellow yeasty gunky film, no hideous red. Just a week, almost two, of slight runny eye, slight bloodshot white, but being a good student of Dr. Wertham [...]

At this time next year, we will be into the first week of a new Presidency. The presidency of George W. Bush, and the terms of the Vice (and that word in this context has never resonated so, since Spiro Agnew‘s resignation in disgrace) President Cheney and of Condi Rice and all Bush‘s cronies, will [...]

My grand amigo Mike Dobbs aka G. Michael Dobbs is launching his new book today in Springfield, Massachusetts, the first in a series of book signings and events lined up for the winter months to promote Escape! If you live anywhere near Springfield, MA, hustle over to the Central Library on State Street a little [...]

(Deficit + Surplus Lost + 935 Lies = 2008) The current US government deficit — with no mention of the war, really — is in the news today. Not sure how “they” are figuring that spiraling-out-of-control ongoing drain into the deficit. Note, too, that a correct deficit figure should add the surplus Bush instantly squandered [...]