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This morning, my brain decided to slither out me ear and go on a pre-dawn jaunt. At least, I think that’s what happened. I can’t be sure. I’m just sort of working this all out, typing out loud, so to speak. It slipped and slopped about the bedroom, leaving a glistening goo trail from my [...]

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“Even though White House computer technicians hunted high and low, an entire week’s worth of e-mail from [Vice President Dick] Cheney‘s office was missing. The week was Sept. 30, 2003, to Oct. 6, 2003, the opening days of the Justice Department‘s probe into whether anyone at the White House leaked the identity of CIA operative [...]

10 inches of fresh snow in Windsor, VT and it’s still gently coming down… a genuine Vermont/New England winter continues. But that’s not what I care to share with you this morning — it’s all about comics (and animation) today! Service Industry: The world as it is in the Bakosphere? Center for Cartoon Studies fellow [...]

A Morning Musical Sweeney Todd fans: there’s a face in the crowd you must hear! Attend the Tale… Special thanks to Larry Shell for sharing this link, and have a great Tuesday — we’ve got a winter storm coming in, so I’m digging in (and no doubt out) for the duration. “Aren’t you ashamed?”

Oh, That Brain: Virginia Leith in her greatest role as Jan, in the pan, and Jason (credited as Herb) Evers as arrogant Dr. Bill Cortner — what a couple. What a lab. What a movie. Marge and I had a great trip last week to warmer American climates, visiting family during Marge‘s only winter break [...]