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Another excerpt from my enormous Brat Pack essay; enjoy: ____________________________ Still, Wertham’s influence holds sway, too. Wertham’s Seduction of the Innocent analysis, however suspect, did identify implicit (but hardly subliminal) elements of the superhero genre, and its relationship with youth, both fictional (the sidekicks) and economic (its hold on youth culture throughout the 1940s). By [...]

OK, folks — Eddie Campbell brought this up on his blog, though the conversation seems to be wearying to his readers. So, I’ll pick my own interest up here, on my own blog, and leave the Campbell camp alone hereafter. For starters — what Batman comic is this that they’re talking about?  This Irish broadcast [...]

A few links to share today, first and foremost among them my esteemed Center for Cartoon Studies comrade in arms, Jason Lutes! Jason burst on the scene with Jar of Fools, which Scott McCloud turned me on to. Since then, Jason has worked up a number of gems, and is currently amid his masterwork Berlin. [...]

One postscript to the three-part Brat Pack/Wertham excerpts here, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: In immediate retrospect, I think these additional paragraphs from my Brat Pack essay bear posting here, as a coda: ___________________ [...] It’s rarely acknowledged that Wertham’s unwanted, unloved (by he and his confederates in the anti-comics crusade) companion in this Freudian analysis [...]

I’m still fuming over yesterday’s scuttled photo shoot for my comic story “The Wishing Bog” — so, no post this AM, save this miserable rag. There’s no good to come of my venting here in a public forum, and I’m working to salvage the venture via other means and venues. But damn, this pisses me [...]

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