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Steve Ditko’s only monster magazine cover: Mad Monsters #1 (1961), kicking off the Charlton monster zines of the early 60s in style! Continuing with ’60s monster memories spawned by Charlton Publications Inc. in Derby, CT, with a spillover into the Charlton monster movie novels, raw sex, lawsuits and the beloved Charlton monster comics… Mad Monsters #1 [...]

Head Soup: The iconic ad art for The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1959, unreleased until 1962) makes this my favorite of all the Charlton monster magazine covers. Hmmm, some major spillage going on from the chemical broth sustaining brain activity… Among the many publications that poured out of the offices of Charlton in Derby, Connecticut [...]

CCS Summer Sweatsh — uh, Workshop 2008; photo © 2008 CCS, compliments of Robyn Chapman, posted with permission. Yesterday was bittersweet — as another CCS Summer Create Comics Workshop came to it conclusion. While it’s always a relief to come to the end of such an intensive week of activity, it’s sad to see everyone [...]

(That’s a paraphrase of The Last Poets, folks — if you don’t know who they are, find out.) As if we need regular reminders, the Creator Rights battles of yore weren’t won. A few were, a lot weren’t. And the war was never won, and truth to tell, the struggle was barely engaged with by [...]

Pics of yesterday’s first day of summer classes at the Center for Cartoon Studies — Jason Lutes and I kicked off the week’s intensive comics creation workshop with our introductory lectures on how we do what we do — and then spent the afternoon with the students putting pencils and pens to paper to make their [...]