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The following are all compliments of my amigo Joe Citro, from his trip with lifelong friend Rick (Roderick) Bates north to Quebec’s prime poutine digs. They took this sojourn some time ago, but this being the weekend of the world’s first Poutine Festival (see yesterday’s post and links), it seemed appropo to share these with [...]

This weekend is the Festival de la Poutine de Drummondville — the Festival of Poutine in Drummondville, Quebec, the most aggressive of the towns claiming to be the origin point of this most delightful of all foods! Of course, Myrant veterans likely recall how I truly feel about “the Eraserhead of fast foods… the most [...]

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Amid the horrific spectacle of this year’s election, I’ve kept my cards close to my chest in this public venue, but this bit of news — “Rove tried to kill Lieberman VP pick” — demands your attention. It’s just — too juicy. I loathe few politicians today more than Joe Lieberman and Karl Rove — [...]

Update: Final is in on the special project for Rick Veitch: I pared it lovingly down to a mere 29,904 words, and that fit the bill. I’ll be popping over to Rick’s later today to deliver the hard copy for his edit and savor lunch with XQB Chris Kalnick, but nice to know this year-long [...]

Welcome to Bash — © 2008 Bash Magazine, LLC, check the link below! The Center for Cartoon Studies alumni and seniors are hitting the streets this week via their work in the pages of the brand-new zine Bash! This Washington, DC-based zine is out this week in hard copy in the DC area, but most [...]