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Cover art: The recent Dark Horse Nexus hardcover reprint, fifth volume… (art © 2007, Steve Rude) As I noted yesterday, Bob Heer recently wrote me about the upcoming DC/Vertigo Swamp Thing hardcover reprint volume (see yesterday’s post), saying, “It always amazes me how little comic book publishers involve creators in the reprints of their work, [...]

It’s almost October — we’re well into fall. I’m hearing a gaggle of Canadian geese honking overhead right this second, as I type this, as they fly south. Along with the woolly bear caterpillars everywhere and the past week’s defining change in leaf colors on the trees, autumn is upon us. October is promising to [...]

The Presidential debate last night was pretty galvanizing, but Marge and I had to go some distance (literally) to listen. At about 6 PM, the power in Windsor snapped out. We lit candles, enjoyed dinner by candlelight, and set up in the bedroom to read by battery-powered lantern light — until 9 PM rolled around, [...]

At last — the contest is HAPPENING! Click this link, and enter to win! Yep, the contest is up and running at St. Martin’s Press’s website — just click the link above, and enter the contest to win the Dave McKean cover art poster. The book itself Prince of Stories ships October 28th, so place [...]

Courtesy of Jen Vaughn, live-wire ink-slingin’ CCSer new to the community as of this fall, more pix of our excellent hike up Mt. Ascutney last Wednesday. The comics diary entries from the trip are now in hand, and we’ve moved on — but the afterglow is sweet. Enjoy! All photos © 2008 Jen Vaughn, posted [...]