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I’m spinning Steely Dan to savor Black Friday — and avoiding all shopping today. Insanity rules: shooting at a Toys’R’Us in California, a 34-year-old Walmart employee trampled to death when the store sale opened at 5 AM this morning… it’s a mad, mad world. Consumer culture ghosts: This commercial from Indonesia is required viewing — [...]

Eat Hearty & Give Thanks, One & All!

– for Neil Gaiman fans! Here’s the single most comprehensive, expansive, and exhaustive overview of Neil the man, Neil the writer and his incredible body of work — as a novelist, journalist, poet, song and short story writer, in comics, graphic novels, movies, and more — including a generous bounty of never-before-published and never-before-reprinted treats, and [...]

Cartoonist extraordinaire, CCS alumni (Class of ’07, the Pioneer Class!) and good friend Colleen Frakes just emailed me this pic of our (Hank Wagner, Chris Golden and yours truly’s) book Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman on the racks at the world-famous Powell’s Book Store in the great Northwest – It’s been [...]

What you need to know: 1. Read the Final Round! Part 1 post. 2. Know ye that Inky Solomon, created by James Sturm and first delineated by Seth, is the Center for Cartoon Studies cartoon mentor and guru. 3. Know, too, that the ‘superpower’ given to comics character Bryan Stone be death rays that shoot [...]