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Happy New Year, one and all — got through 2008 “with a little help from my friends,” and we’ll all get each other through 2009 with the same. The context of the following about birthdays or April (you’ll know what I mean when you get to the end of this marvelous YouTube creation) is a [...]

Continuing and concluding my essay on Twilight and Låt Den Rätte Komma In, which began here just before Christmas… Both Twilight and Låt Den Rätte Komma In maintain their focus on their young potential lovers (“potential” in that both films are very much about the process of how these unusual couples meet and gravitate to [...]

Sunday AM and I’ve been enjoying three comics-related jewels: * My son Daniel gave me for Christmas a copy of his new zine (the title is in an ‘alien language’ by Coridon Bratton), which I quite enjoyed. It’s Dan’s second zine — his first, Hot Chicks Take Huge Shits, dates from a couple years back [...]

Following up on yesterday’s post singing the praises one of my unsung heroes, animator, artist and designer Paul Julian (and maximizing Myrant readers checking out Julian’s complete 1964 animated cartoon The Hangman before it’s off the Trailers from Hell website!) [Note: I've updated this link now that the short is off their site; this now [...]

A little post-Christmas item I meant to link to earlier this week: Paul Julian (1914-1995) is one of the unsung maestros of American animation, though we all grew up with his art — and his voice! According to numerous sources, Julian also provided a sound we all grew up with — the Road Runner’s “Beep-Beep!” [...]