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The peek in the SpiderBaby Archives vaults continues with more Johnson State College work — and a glimpse of what-was-to-come, with a related Kubert School years artifact to share with you today… I was very active in the theater department during my two+ years at JSC. Here’s another high-concept Dibden Theater performance I designed and [...]

Red Sky at Morning…

Here’s the actual bookplates for printed from the “Underwater Rendevous” color piece — they were all signed and delivered to John Rovnak at over a week ago. This Swamp Thing book plate is available to you exclusively from – You can order your copy of the brand-new Swamp Thing hardcover Volume 1, [...]

Following up on this week’sĀ Agon revelations, I’m happy to report more delightful news for daikaiju eiga fans everywhere: Universal Pictures has resurrected King Kong vs. Godzilla! On Sunday, June 1st of last year, a major fire ravaged Universal Studios. breaking out “near the video vault of the Universal Studios back lot. The vault was damaged. [...]

Brooding Swamp Thing…