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Yesterday I launched this special SpiderBaby Archives dissection of the historic Saga of the Swamp Thing #20 — historic as Alan Moore’s first issue, and Alan’s first work for a ‘Colonial’ (as he once put it) publisher. Alan’s debut issue has just been reprinted — for the first time ever! — in the brand-new DC/Vertigo [...]

This ain’t no April Fool’s joke: this week, a full plate of daily wonders will be posted here. I’ve opened the SpiderBaby Archives wide, and will be alternating two sets of posts all week long: * The first SpiderBaby Archival April special began yesterday: The second SpiderBaby Sketchbooks series will be exploring the subterranean realm [...]

Along with Rawhead Rex, Michael Zulli and I invested ourselves in another project around 1990-92, working in close collaboration with Maine novelist and good friend Rick Hautala. You may rightfully ask, “why work on two projects of such size, guys?” Freelancing is a constant juggling act, and unless you’re a contracted work-for-hire freelancer, one is [...]

Walking Dead…

* Mike Diana, Live Tonight! Better late than never — this is far too short notice for all but those of you in the NYC area, but here goes: For more info, visit Mike Diana’s website or contact Mike and I have been swapping some very odds & ends in the mail over the [...]