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There’s now over two dozen original Bissette sketches in the SpiderBaby sketchstore — and more added every two-to-three days. This, along with profusely-illustrated daily blog posts (including multi-chapter essays and already extensive SpiderBaby Archives and SpiderBaby Sketchbook retrospectives already posted on Myrant in 2009) and ongoing pro illustration freelance work on top of all the [...]

Swamp Mug & The May Day Sale

* Ambush Bug #1: It’s a week for Ambush Bugs, from the Right and the Left! But only one involves my humble self, really. DC’s latest Showcase Presents series of fat black-and-white reprint volumes is Keith Giffen and Robert Loren Fleming’s Ambush Bug (which you can get here for $14.44, from — free shipping [...]

Back from the Dead and Eager to Party –

* I’ve happily avoided posting any political commentary on Myrant for the past few months, a fact that hasn’t deterred some past Myrant readers from emailing me some prit-tee twisted fusions of pro-torture, anti-abortion, anti-Obama screeds from time to time. Since I haven’t posted anything about any of those subjects since January, it’s great to [...]