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Sam Raimi fans are rushing to their local theaters to catch this weekend’s opening of Sam’s new horror feature Drag Me To Hell, trailored on every niche of the internet and most cable TV stations. Among the most-redacted videos on the web are any and all attempts to post the original Sam Raimi/Robert Tapert/Bruce Campbell [...]

I’ll be sharing more inside backstory on the creation of some of the key issues of Saga of the Swamp Thing later this spring and throughout the summer. A lot of work went into every five-week cycle for each issue (I know, I know, it was a monthly book!), including lots of artwork never seen [...]

Coming June 1st — Bissette t-shirts!

In prepping one of three new book proposals, I dug into my archives and excavated my rare-as-hen’s-teeth video dub of some truly historic and extraordinary 8mm amateur horror films. I’ll be posting reviews this week, amid the occasional peek at what’s now on my drawing board. First up: The first film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s [...]

To the warriors in my life — my father Richard, my older brother Richard Jr., and my sister Kathie and her husband Jim — and all the other soldiers among our circle of family and friends, those who serve come what may. Remember all who serve, today.

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