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Between sessions of painting this morning, I’ve been practicing scanning from various material in the SpiderBaby Archives. Here’s today’s sampler… _______________________________________ I’ve occasionally kept photocopies of sketches I’ve done for sketchbooks other than my own, if I liked the finished piece and had access to a copier. This one was too big for my scanner, [...]

Mommy’s Commy!

This final week in June was a huge week for my work space and work capabilities. CCS Alumni Penina Gal dedicated two full days to installing a new Mac Creative Suite into my computer and teaching me some basic skills, including scanning my artwork — both for future print use, and for online posting. So, [...]

See yesterday’s post — Remember: by now, everyone was taking all this very personally — even folks who weren’t involved were taking all this very personally. So you can imagine, perhaps, how those directly involved were feeling. So, now, see, because of the time lag between actual event and press coverage of said event, and [...]

* Jack Hill’s Spider Baby is on the big screen in Massachusetts! Alert! Ken at Main Street Records and my son Daniel brought this to my attention, and now I’m bringing it to yours: Tomorrow night at Midnight! Spider Baby is playing at the Pleasant Street Theater in downtown Northampton, MA — here’s all the [...]