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Holy fucking shit – Disney buys Marvel for $4 billion! This just in: MORE info on the buyout — things will never be the same. I’ll be posting other stuff later today, but this news couldn’t wait (thanks to Mark Masztal for sending this my way). [Addendum: Never did get back to the computer -- [...]

* Now and again, the universe lets you know what you’re doing makes a difference to somebody, somewhere. Back in 1989, when my viking-like Californian amigo Chas Balun invited me in to his influential horror movie zine Deep Red, I wrote a heartfelt article on an obscure movie that had been dumped onto video sans [...]

* From the SpiderBaby Archives: Last night I came across color photocopies I kept of this particular job (circa, I think, 1993-94 or so) — my one shot at painting a Mars Attacks card. This was for a limited edition model kit set licensed with Topps from Screamin’ Products that finally came out in 1995. The [...]

“It Was Easier To Free Her Left Hand…”: Deus-X Original Art

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