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Just a bit of Michael Hurley today (singing with Maggie Hurley, from Michael’s historic second album Armchair Boogie, 1971), to sweeten the tenor of the day…

* So among the events I’ve not said a peep about here was my pilgrimage to Dover, NJ this past weekend to spend some quality time Saturday morning and early afternoon with my mentor and beloved ‘second father’ Joe Kubert. As most of you know, I was among the first-ever graduating class of The Joe [...]

Backwoods Brother 4 Sale

* Hoofing It Up Mt. Ascutney: As promised, this week we’ll be sharing some photos from our Drawing Workshop I trek up Mt. Ascutney last Wednesday. Special thanks to CCS freshman (Class of 2011) Andrew Christensen for permission to post his photographs. The clouds were smothering the mountain as we made our morning ascent. It [...]

HOT NEWS — CAT GARZA, COLLEEN FRAKES ARE IGNATZ AWARD WINNERS! Just got the news that my good friends, fellow CCS community members and amazing cartoonists Colleen Frakes (CCS Pioneer Class of 2007, Tragic Relief, Woman King, Basket Ogress, etc.) and Cayetano ‘Cat’ Garza Jr. (Year of the Rat) just won their bricks at this [...]