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Halloweeeeeeeeeeen! **** * The Myrant 2009 sketch store experiment has come to a close today; this week’s Patchwork Man sketch (right) is the end of the line. Myrant will be changing in some significant ways between now and New Years Day 2010, and this marks the beginning of that transition. I’m still going to keep [...]

Happy Halloween! The 1st Sketch of 2009…

Trance Terrorthon!!! More Halloween marathon suggestions from the pages of Blur Volume 4 –  — to read about more, check out Blur Volume 4, which is available (at present) from Black Coat Press. Artsy-Fartsy Trance Horror: Warning: This is not an entertainment. This is a mind-altering cinepharmaceutical fest. Proceed at your own risk. The goal [...]

A Farewell Sketch: The Patchwork Man

Are You Xperienced??? More Halloween marathon suggestions from the pages of Blur Volume 4 — see yesterday’s post, and here goes:   Psychedelic Horrors: Bad trips, indeed! Personal discretion is advised in the accompanying use of intoxicants, herbal remedies, and/or hallucinogens while viewing. These are all wake-the-neighbors sound-system shakers – play them LOUD, and Happy Trails! [...]