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Broadcast Blight * Having sampled two ‘events’ on mainstream broadcast television this month, I can only report despair and depletion. As I boasted earlier this fall, our son (Marge‘s son, my stepson) Mike Bleier worked with the Cole Electric Inc. crew on the Extreme Makeover project in Lyme, NH; the episode of Extreme Makeover was [...]

“Crabs” – Part 10

* Damn it, I done it. With the move of a good friend from the area yesterday (hoping to keep in touch with him after his move), I took the plunge and joined Facebook yesterday morning. That doesn’t mean you won’t still find me here everyday — part of the reason for signing up at [...]

SpiderBaby Archive: Mutanimals Dreadmon & Leatherhead! Anyone Know Where Dreadmon Pin-Up Was First Published? My collection of published work is, to be honest, scattered like a madwoman’s shit. Among the original art I’ve turned up this past week that I know saw print somewhere are these two pieces which originally saw print in the Archie [...]

“Crabs” – Part 9