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Goodbye Charlie — you’re probably playing with Jimi right now. Photo ©2007 Chas and Pat Balun. PS: Obviously, Charlie never played with Jimi in life; he photoshopped this dream pic! I’ll be posting something more upbeat later today, but I have to note with a very heavy heart the death of my good friend Charlie [...]

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! “Fashions That Time Forgot!” – 3rd & Final Fashion Tip(sy)

Still Stolen Art: Last Gasp Stole My Cover Painting! [Note: As of April 2010, Last Gasp has found and returned the artwork -- read on, below, for an update!] ____ This cover painting is so odious, so horrific, that I have to post it with a major warning. The problem with such a warning is [...]

Still Stolen Art: Saga of the Swamp Thing #34 Cover Painting Still Stolen After All These Years… Yep, this now beloved Saga of the Swamp Thing #34 cover art — it’s still stolen property. This cover painting — cover design and pencils by yours truly, final painting by John Totleben — was stolen from the [...]

“Fashions That Time Forgot!” – 2nd Fashion Tip