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Making a Monkey Outta Leo; Or: Shifting Gears & The Big Dig Continues… __________________________________ After finishing that marathon writing exercise (see the last twelve posts), I’m ready to avoid the sturm und drang for a while, stretch and relax a bit while sharing with you some of the goodies that have turned up over the [...]

“The Short Happy Life of Big Howie” – Part 2

R.I.P. Dick Giordano And: Forgotten Comics Wars Or: How Angry Freelancers Made It Possible for A New Mainstream Comics Era (Including Vertigo) to Exist, Part 12 (Conclusion) __________________________________ It is with a very heavy heart that I note this morning the passing this weekend of Dick Giordano. Dick passed away on Saturday in Florida due [...]

“The Short Happy Life of Big Howie” – Part 1

The Conclusion of “My Life with the Not-So Famous Monsters of Filmland”!