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Steve Perry, RIP: Where Do We Go From Here? [Timespirits #8, page 26: a glimpse of the afterlife, scripted by Steve Perry, art by Thomas Yeates; Timespirits is TM and ©1986, 2010 Tom Yeates, by contractual arrangement with Stephen Perry, all rights reserved.] There’s lots of links, but no substantive information in what seems like [...]

Steve Perry: Friday Mourning Now it can be said: yes, Steve Perry is dead. We’ll wait for the Zephyrhills police and investigators to reveal more in the coming days, but yesterday’s press release (see last post, below) was both a horror and a relief. Now that everyone knows what the family and inner circle of [...]

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** Here’s the link to the first Florida newspaper article on this breaking news: “Police: Missing Zephyrhills comic writer is victim of homicide” by Howard Altman for The Tampa Tribune.   ZEPHYRHILLS, FL, MAY 27, 2010: The Zephyrhills Police Department is now investigating the disappearance of Stephen J. Perry as an apparent Homicide. [...]

My Friend Steve Perry: Remembering the Man & His Work, Part 4 There’s no news stories to share this morning about Steve Perry. Until the police investigators tip their hand, we’re all in limbo, waiting to find out what’s happened to Steve, and who was responsible. But I’m going to continue to focus on Steve‘s [...]

ALERT: I have been contacted by the family; this will be nipped in the bud here and now. Hereafter any posts I make will only be to further bring attention to Steve Perry’s creative life. My apologies for any further pain I’ve caused; my concerns and intentions were honorable and I only had Steve and [...]