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Holmes vs. Red Planet Mars, Part 1; Or; Making Martians & Pining for Pulp Amid the Debris of 19th-to-20th Century Pop Culture It begins with lofty discussion, and ends in the gutter… opens with high-end sf and tales of deduction, winds up in the trashbin of paperback history… but stick with me, please. Here’s a [...]

Naut Comics, soon-to-be the publisher of N-Man, The Fury, The Hypernaut and Sky Solo and Her Screamin’ Skydogs, revamped their logo in 1955, one year before they entered the Silver Age with writer Curtis Slarch’s then-innovative launch of the ‘new’ Hypernaut… By way of further explanation, here’s an excerpt from the introduction to Tales of [...]

Before there was Naut Comics, there was… Naut Comics, circa 1938-1955. Logo designed and executed by Mark Bilokur; more on Mark, his creative work, and his contributions to the Naut Comics legacy — coming soon! Naut Comics and all related characters and concepts are © and TM Stephen R. Bissette; all rights reserved. Naut Comics [...]

Tales of the Uncanny Lives! Working, Working, Working on the Shape of Things That Were (Never Were) But Will Soon Be… There’s so much to talk about — but I can’t! Suffice to say I’ve been hard at work — with co-editor Tim Stout, and working alone on the drawing board and keyboard on my part [...]

Monte Walsh (1970) John Barry, Mama Cass Elliot & Singing the Praises of William A. Fraker’s Directorial Debut Western Monte Walsh (1970) was a pet project for 1960s star Lee Marvin, and the directorial debut feature for famed cinematographer William A. Fraker. It’s a movie I love, so I’m going to bend your ear (and [...]