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“Mentors & Monsters” An Exhibition of Art from the SpiderBaby Archives! A majestic panel by George Woodbridge and Al Williamson from the comic I taught myself to draw from at age four! This is a detail from “The Age of Mammals” story page from the Classics Illustrated World Around Us (No. 15) title The Illustrated [...]

Working on some N-Man stories this and next week; and working on my own take on the venerable Mothman. I’m not taking this approach, but couldn’t resist sharing my personal favorite pop Mothman: Frank Frazetta cover art for High Times magazine, circa May 1980. Smokin’!


Help Wanted EC, Kurtzman, Davis, Hernandez Bros. Fans, Help! We’re preparing the first Center for Cartoon Studies gallery exhibition from my collection of original art, and I need some help identifying story titles, comics titles, issue numbers and such. The lack of time and easy access to some of my comics library has made the [...]

Fanzine Fearbooks A Look Back Circumstances of the past two weeks have kept me away; I’m going to be getting back into the blog swing o’ things beginning this week, and ramp up for September. [Bissette circa 1980; Photo compliments of Ezra Veitch] Back in the day—meaning, like, the 1970s and ’80s—I got my foot [...]

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