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The Pig Pack!

Prime-Apes!!! My Fave Planet of the Apes Knockoffs Best of the Bunch: Jack Kirby‘s Kamandi #16 (April 1974)—“The Animals Have Taken Over the World!” So began one of Jack Kirby‘s liveliest spins on Pierre Boulle‘s Planet of the Apes, spiced with Mike Royer and D. Bruce Berry‘s inks and Kirby‘s revelations of precisely what lay behind [...]

Final Month in VT Antique Mall Bissette Booth Closes With New Year’s Arrival [Ah, the original VT Antiques Mall Bissette booth; we're now in slightly larger space, but that all concludes in about 33 days!] Well, it’s been a good run… but it’s coming to a close. Along with other non-profit activities I’ve maintained over [...]

Still MIA on DVD!!! Among the Missing: Nest of the Cuckoo Bird (1965) Back in July, I posted about a “mystery movie” that I’ve a hankering to see someday before I’m gone, and the mystery of its maker, one Bert Williams. “No, Not That Bert Williams…” shared with y’all everything I know—which isn’t too damned [...]

CCS Schulz Library Blog Update Book Reviews, Student Essays on Comic Strips Featured November & December [A little Thanksgiving consolation prize, courtesy of the great Winsor McCay, originally published in the New York Herald, Thanksgiving Day 1905; for more McCay "Little Nemo," check the links below and give a read to the CCS Survey I [...]