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When Drive-Ins Were Drive-Ins! A Blast From the Past! I’ve been uncovering motherlodes of gold from the SpiderBaby Archives, which I’ll be sharing (sometimes without comment) on Myrant all throughout February.

What Might Have Been Redux Another Peek at the Planned SpiderBaby Comix of 1997 Though I’d pulled the plug on SpiderBaby Comix in 1997 before soliciting SpiderBaby Comix #5, I had done enough work on the special “Sinema” issue of SpiderBaby to show Diamond in preparation for solicitation: full-color cover mockups (above), a dummy of [...]

What Might Have Been… A Peek at the Planned SpiderBaby Comix of 1997 In the various basement writing office/library sorting, filing, racking, stacking, etc. of this month, I excavated (among other treasures) my complete files for the planned issues of SpiderBaby Comix #3 (above), #4 (below), and #5 from 1997. SpiderBaby Comix #1 and #2 [...]

Teen ‘G’!

Ink Spirits Mark Oakley Ponders The “Life” of the Line in the Digital Era Before I begin today’s continuation of “My Dinner with Mark”—which takes a decidedly spiritual turn today (appropriately enough, given my own present state of mind)—I must note the passing of two friends. Bear with me, a moment, please. Lest Myrant become [...]