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Hardcore Horrors II Perverse Paperback Porn Pleasures Part Deux Where was I? Oh, yes—the “horrotica” (© and TM Tim Lucas, who coined the term back in the 1980s) of that past purveyer of paperback perversion Calga Publishers, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA. WARNING: Stop reading RIGHT NOW if you’re at all timid or easily offended. [...]

Hardcore Horrors!!! A Peek at Past Paperback Porn Pleasures! I’ve tipped my hand on Myrant about my eclectic and often unsavory collection, but today I’m going to share with you a niche genre that holds a dear space on my shelves. Don’t think less of me for it—how could you, in any case?—but it’s time [...]

Hate Movies Revisited Revising & Expanding the Essay for Publication ________ Thanks to my stepson Mike Bleier (thanks, Mike!), my collection and research library is becoming far, far more accessible and organized. What sweet, sweet relief, and what fun it’s been to unbox at long last all kinds of comics, books, magazines, and rarities that [...]

Quaff Some Quasi! Sally Cruikshank’s Classic Animation Available on DVD—From the Artist! Decades ago, I fell in love with a weird little animated thingie onscreen named Quasi. He was a cad and a card, and I wasn’t even sure what the hell he was (he’s a duck, but he sure doesn’t look like any duck [...]

The Lou & Steve Show! With Special Guest: The Dead Squirrel Buried Under Steve’s Hat! Lou Mougin interviewed me at the Dallas Fantasy Fair in the summer of 1990 (or was it 1991?), and this is the second of two parts, shared here for archival and educational purposes. Well, OK, for entertainment purposes, too. This [...]