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Cthulhu Dthuudle

War Eagles Willis O’Brien/Merian C. Cooper’s Pre-WW2 Fantasy Epic Resurrected in Print After completing Last Days of Pompeii (1935) and eager to mount a new fantasy film project to approach—or trump—their definitive collaboration on the boxoffice blockbuster King Kong (1933), producer Merian C. Cooper and special effects/stop-motion animation expert Willis O’Brien dreamed up War Eagles, [...]

Battle Royale: What Happened? Back on My Blog Beat: Breaktime is Over; Back to Basics… Well, that’s it: Spring break is over, and I’m back to the beat, folks. Sorry to have been away so long. Among the in-depth research and analysis I poured into my brand-new book Teen Angels & New Mutants: Rick Veitch’s [...]

Oversized Swamp Thing Study/Sketch for Sale…

Bissette Bops to Bennington Bennington Beasts & Boogeymen Are My Beat… Just a heads up, for those in the area: I will be speaking at Bennington College tonight, Wednesday, March 23rd, at 7 PM. I’ll be talking about Vermonsters, Vermont comics, my own work, and offering some locale-specific particulars on Bennington, Vermont‘s own monstrous and [...]