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Panning for Green Mountain Cine-Gold The Search for Rare Vermont Movies Goes On… Many years ago, I edited, packaged, wrote most of, and self-distributed what was intended as the first volume in a book series on Vermont films and filmmakers. Green Mountain Cinema I did pretty well, for a regional book, but per usual, chasing [...]

Just a short post today in honor of veterans everywhere; in honor of my father, Richard J. Bissette, who served in four branches of the service (U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army, and National Guard, retiring as a Sargeant-Major); in honor of my older brother, Richard Bissette, Jr. (lifer, U.S. Air Force, retired); and [...]

Drive-In Movie Book Sale vs. Billy Jack!

Memorial Day Weekend Dusk-to-Dawn Drive-In Depravities! “Adults Only—Leave the Kids At Home!” Time to touch upon the adults-only drive-in titles that blistered screens across America. It wasn’t all family fare, funland, and popcorn for the kiddies! Adult roadshows were a fixture of drive-ins and non-studio nabes (neighborhood theaters that were independently owned) from the beginning [...]

Memorial Day Weekend Dusk-to-Dawn Drive-In Dementia! “Take Refreshments Without Disturbing Others…” Double-features were the absolute anchor of the drive-in movie theater experience, and they still are (for those drive-ins that are still open and doing business). These days, any extant drive-in movie theaters are primarily double-billing two current first-run Hollywood features, or matching a top-of-the-bill [...]