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This is from a visit Joe Citro and I made to “The Rock, Fossil and Dinosaur Shop” dinosaur exhibit on Route 5 (213 Greenfield Rd.) in South Deerfield, MA a couple two-three years ago. “The Dinosaurs are displayed in our lush, green backyard of 5 acres in our So. Deerfield location….The Dinosaurs are set up [...]

Vermont’s Haunts! Joe Citro Joins the Digital Era of Self-Publishing With His New Book, Now On Sale! “As readers of my other books may know, since 1992 I have been systematically collecting Vermont’s strangest stories. In those years—on the radio, on TV, and in a series of books—I have recorded ghost lore, monster tales, historical [...]

Where Are Your Children? Teen Angels & New Mutants Myrant Addendum: Mom & Dad, J.D. Movies, & More! Where Are Your Children? was atypical of its breed, if only for boasting stars like Gale Storm and especially the late Jackie Cooper in its cast. Though Monogram Pictures was considered part of “poverty row,” even having [...]

Pre-1950s Teen Angels! Teen Angels & New Mutants Myrant Page Adds J.D. Movies, Romance Comics, & YOUR Letters of Comment to the Mix Some updates on my new book, Teen Angels & New Mutants: Rick Veitch’s Brat Pack® and the Art, Commerce, and Karma of Killing Sidekicks (Black Coat Press, 2011): * Teen Angels & [...]

Bog: Swamp Demon Cover Art Original for Sale!