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ICAF is Coming! The International Comic Arts Forum is Coming to CCS This Fall! Since its 1995 debut at Georgetown University through its creative collaboration with the Small Press Expo (1997-2000, 2002, 2004) to its three years at the Library of Congress (2005-2007), the annual ICAF symposium (“devoted to the study of comics in all [...]

SpiderBaby Archives: Bissette, Summer 1975

Color Me Dead How-To-Guide In Progress Will Tell-&-Show All… Among the work-in-progress on one of the book projects that’ll be keeping me busy all winter is one choice venture that will allow my amigo Cayetano “Cat” Garza, Jr. to walk you through his own step-by-step coloring process on some of my monsters, critters, and creepy-crawlers—including [...]

Summer Twilight “Nobody Holds a Woman Like Julie!” Well, it’s been fun… but summer’s almost over, and the Myrant Drive-In Retrospective is winding down. I’ve saved some of the more typical drive-in fare for these dog days of summer weekends (all but the Audubon Films adverts in this post are from vintage Florida Star-Lite Drive-In [...]

How I Spent My Summer Non Vacation…