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Talking Teen Angels Teen Angels “…A Fascinating Exposé of the Soft Dark Underbelly” of Pop Culture & Comics! Artwork ©1991, 2011 Rick Veitch; Brat Pack® is a registered trademark of Rick Veitch. There’s a new online review of my latest book Teen Angels & New Mutants up today! “What Teen Angels does — in very [...]

How Spawn & Todd Bought Eclipse Or; Yes, Spawn Spogz Were Manufactured! A quick addendum to the Marvelman/Miracleman/Eclipse Comics/Todd McFarlane/Spawn Spogz writeup, specifically yesterday’s post, where I asked, “I’ve never seen the Spogz themselves—were they ever manufactured and shipped? Anyone know?” To which two folks immediately answered, YES! John Platt, on the comments thread to [...]

How Spawn & Todd Bought Eclipse Or; How Miracleman Became a Casualty of Todd McFarlane’s 1996 Copyright Cleanup I’m following up on last week’s pair of posts “ SpiderBaby Archives: Flashbacks to 1993… Miracleman on Stage? Was an Australian Play Based on Miracleman Produced in 1993?” and “SpiderBaby Archives: Flashback to 1993, Cont.—Whither Miracleman? Or; [...]

More on Teen Angels Have You Read Teen Angels? Why Not? “On the surface, Stephen Bissette‘s Teen Angels & New Mutants is a study of Rick Veitch‘s Brat Pack, the seminal 1990s satire of super-hero sidekick, yet in fact, this is a far-ranging and fascinating cultural history of the media exploitation of children. The book [...]

Katie Moody on “The Death of Print” Informative ICAF 2011 Lecture Ponders Past, Present, & Future of Print We’re hearing and reading daily about “the death of print,” and I’ve been biting my tongue, for a multitude of reasons. Thankfully, others haven’t. Consider, if you will, the following excellent overview on the subject from Center [...]