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Who Needs The Avengers? Marvel/Disney Want You Lining Up at the Box-Office; Don’t. Talking the Talk: Captain America® and ©Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc., or whatever their current moniker might be at this moment; all rights reserved, not posted with permission, but for archival and political purposes only, Fair Use under the terms of the still-in-effect [...]

S.R. Bissette’s Tyrant® News Coming Up!

Alex Ross’s ’1963′ Cover Art What’s the Scoop? Note: ’1963′ is a trademark that is the legal property of Alan Moore and Rick Veitch; that trademark, and the Alex Ross pencil art posted here, are posted for archival and educational purposes only. ’1963′ TM Alan Moore & Rick Veitch, all rights reserved; it appears here [...]

Keep On Truckin’ Favorite Flatbed Fantasy Fotos, Revealed! The above photo was posted to Facebook on February 11th by “Neatorama,” who wrote, “Spotted today in London!” [Photo ©2012 "Neatorama," posted for archival & educational purposes only; if this copyright notification is not correct, please, send correcting info! Thanks!] The only thing better than seeing Daleks [...]

Vintage Green From 1989, the Greenpeace Swamp Thing PSA. Enjoy!

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