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A March 1990 sketch I did for diehard Jack Kirby Demon fan Mike Fleming. The original art was completed with a gold marker for Etrigan‘s glowering eyes and his wrist bands, which just doesn’t reproduce here. ______ The Demon® created by Jack Kirby; registered trademark of DC Comics, Inc./DC Entertainment, Inc.; sketch ©1990, 2012 Stephen [...]

I used to send editor Karen Berger and DC Comics cover editor Ed Hannigan pretty detailed, gray-and-black magic marker cover roughs when John Totleben and I were still doing covers for our run on Saga of the Swamp Thing. Here, from a recent ebay listing, is one of five cover roughs I submitted for SOTST [...]

In April of 1976, a group of friends (including the late Steve Perry) and I packaged what was my first published comicbook work, Abyss. It was bankrolled by my amigo Tim “Doc” Viereck for the princely sum of $200, printed by Johnson Press at Johnson State College, Vermont, and we ended up with a little [...]

Shipping May 1st: “S.R. Bissette’s Tyrant® in Slumberland” Print!

Philippines Portmanteau Pop: Fun Filipino Fears! In the past, I’ve posted at some length on Myrant about the Hemisphere horrors from the Philippines I grew up with at the drive-ins in New England, particularly the infamous “Blood Island” movies and the weird, wonderful (and war) movies that preceded and followed the “Blood Island” quartet. Over [...]