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Plundering Poe Now in 2nd Run/Drive-Ins, if Still Playing Anywhere Theatrically * Saw and quite enjoyed James McTeigue, Ben Livingston, and Hannah Shakespeare‘s THE RAVEN (2012), which posits John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe in the final days of his life cooperating with Baltimore police to track down a serial killer who has buried Poe‘s [...]

Memorial Day Reminder… Just an opening volley today in honor of veterans everywhere; in honor of my father, Richard J. Bissette, who served in four branches of the service (U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army, and National Guard, retiring as a Sargeant-Major); in honor of my older brother, Richard Bissette, Jr. (lifer, U.S. Air [...]

Myrant Blue: Panting Panels & Adult Antics Vintage Comics Not For Kids __________ WARNING: The following content, though non-explicit, may be offensive to some. Proceed with Caution. Have Fun! _________ The SpiderBaby Archives are brimming with all kinds of rarities, and I thought I’d share some of the rarer “not for kids” fare to add [...]

May Monsters Spring Babysuckers & Sapsuckers If you don’t like horror media, don’t read on… I do love horror, in all media, needless to say. And Myrant will, as ever, often involve lovely, terrible, wretched, wonderful, horrific things. As with today’s post… _____ Horror Comix: * I’ll be writing up comics & graphic novels more [...]

Welcome Back—to the New Myrant Same as the Old Myrant, Only Better! _____ Well, the Center for Cartoon Studies spring semester is over, and I’m reinventing my life a bit. A small part of that is a relaunch of Myrant, the blog! I’ll be posting herafter every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with all-new material. There [...]

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