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Axe-Swingin’ Abe, Cannibals & 60′s Psychos! The Myrant End-of-June Cine-Summary I’m in the mood for exploitation, folks, so here goes! I’ve been… well, wallowing, between intensive bouts working on two book projects. * I was completely entertained by ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER (2012), though it boasts what might be the stupidest ‘action sequence’ of the [...]

Midweek Monster Crisis! Sippin’ Sasquatch, Kuchar Jersey Devil, & Mystery of the Hackberry Monster! I’ve prepped some heavy-duty Myrant material, but I’m so snozzled from an intensive work-week on my new book project, S.R. Bissette’s How to Make a Monster (Watson-Guptill/Random House, 2014), that I’ve decided to just share some of the crazy monster mania [...]

Blue Monday 2: Meatmen! Cuddly Caveman & Henry Kujawa’s Overview of The Classic Reprint Gay Comix Series  “Broc of the Stone Age” TM & ©1991, 2012 Mike Kuchar, all rights reserved. __________ WARNING: The following content, though non-explicit, may be offensive to some. Proceed with Caution. Have Fun! _________ For the time being, this will [...]

(NO) PAIN! A Guide to Injury Prevention for Cartoonists Now Available; Plus: Friday Flix Fun Feast Since many of us work freelance in creative professions where there is no health care, there are no doctors or health professionals in our circles (or doctors or pros that we can afford), and there certainly is no really [...]

“Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd…” Thanks for the Kick-Off, Sweeney! Thanks to one and all who participated in—either via actual purchases, and/or via helping to promote (via Facebook and/or Twitter), the opening week SpiderBaby Store Special. (Please, keep us going with your purchases; here’s the store link, and thanks!) I personally handled all aspects [...]