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Homeward Bound: Or: A Brief Account of Marge’s and My Excursion To, But Mostly From, Florida Last Week, and Some of What We Saw We took a major family jaunt to visit my folks in Florida over the past ten days—flying to, driving back—and I want to share a bit of that return trip home [...]

ABCs of Zombiedom Now in Production: Bissette/Bissette/Forsman “Alphabet of Zombies” Color Print! Earlier this week, there was an excellent overview/interview with CCS alumnus Chuck Forsman posted on by Timothy Callahan (give it a read), who I’m incredibly lucky to be working with in 2012. Which leads me this morning to: Coming in August: Once again, [...]

Guy’s Ghosts Plus: Junkyard Sadist, The Thing That Couldn’t Die New to DVD: * The art-ghost movie has been around since the silent era, and Guy Maddin‘s films always have inhabited the haunted limbo of cinema (since his debut feature TALES OF THE GIMLI HOSPITAL, which I caught with two friends—one lovin’ it, one loathin’ [...]

Killer Komix & Klowns Konquer Keene! Join Us for the August 11th Keene Komix & Killer Klown Konquest It’s the Monday Myrant ‘Light’ Edition. First, this breaking news: Mark this date on your calendar: August 11th, 2012—and conspire as to how you’ll get yourself to Keene, New Hampshire that Saturday for a wild afternoon Comic [...]

Fear, Desire, and Dinos Kubrick, K. Gordon Murray, & Cavebabes ____ Import/Gray Market DVD: * Sometimes, you really do need a fresh orientation to a film to appreciate it for what it always was. “Child-like” isn’t a term usually applied to the films of Stanley Kubrick, but by God, one of my students did just [...]